NEEMA FESTIVAL – The first Afro Roma Festival presents the Angolan star C4 PEDRO, the Lusophone Artist of the moment (VIDÉOS)

The Angolan singer, crowned Best Lusophone artist of the Koras Awards 2016, is the headliner of the NEEMA FESTIVAL (cultural event of pan-African music) to be held on April 30 at the Pala Cavicchi in Rome.

For some time now, Angolan artists have been successful not only in Africa but also in Europe. If titles such as «Tu és a mulher» or «Vamos ficar por aqui» have been played on the radio or on TV, it is to the singer C4 Pedro that we owe them! As an artist with a thousand talents, C4 Pedro is the Lusophone star of the moment! The year 2016 was its year, when there were a total of 16 nominations and the prize for the best Portuguese-speaking artist at the Koras Awards 2016. And on this occasion, the year 2017 still promises even more! NEEMA FESTIVAL is a great gift for fans and followers of kizomba music and dance and not only in Italy, for an unforgettable evening on April 30th at the Pala Cavicchi in Rome.

C4 Pedro is a multi-faceted Angolan artist, determined and in full development, not only in the Portuguese-speaking world but also throughout the world. Singer, musician (guitarist, pianist), author, composer and producer, C4 Pedro has a style not so simple to define, as his rich, pluralistic and intoxicating personality flirts with afrohouse , kizomba, hip-hop, but also Afro-Caribbean rhythms without forgetting the rap.

Born on July 7, 1983 in Luanda, C4 Pedro lived ten years in Belgium where he began his musical career, releasing in 2009, his first album « Lágrimas », he then went in France, finally arriving in his native country. Angola.

Titles like «Dá Só», «Saudades e Avó», paint a sensitive C4 Pedro to which it is easy to attach.

In 2012, C4 Pedro released a second album «Calor e Frio», which is internationally successful.

In 2013, he formed with the Angolan rapper Big Nelo the duo B4. The two artists released an album « Los Compadres » whose title «É Melhor Não Duvidar» almost immediately boomed into the Portuguese-language charts. Recorded in Miami, the clip sees the participation of Portuguese actress Rita Pereira.

Two years later, C4 Pedro was appointed by UNAIDS as the national ambassador for HIV / AIDS awareness in Angola, especially among young people.

At the Kora Awards 2016, he won the prize for the best Lusophone Artist at MAMA.

His second album « KingCkwa » delivers a mix of lyrics and contagious rhythms with anglophone and francophone touches on his Angolan roots.

On the title of his album, C4 Pedro declares that KingCkwa is a concept more than a brand. It is a way of life, of well-being for people who identify with difference. And that «if in your life there are ups and downs but you remain standing, you are a King or a Queen».

The opportunity to see in concert the Lusophone artist of the moment, C4 Pedro, is offered by the Kizomba Night of the NEEMA FESTIVAL of which he is the star, at the Pala Cavicchi in Rome, on April 30th. 

C4 PEDRO – Artiste lusophone du moment, la star angolaise est la vedette du Neema Festival de Rome (VIDÉO)

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